Q: When is the lacrosse season?
A: The lacrosse season starts in March and ends in early June.

Q: Is the lacrosse club associtated with East Lansing School District?
A: No, the club is independent of the East Lansing School District.

Q: What are the fees?
A. Fees for the 3rd and 4th grade are $80 for early registration and $105 for regular registration. Fees for the 5th and 8th grade are $130 for early registration and $155 for regular registration.

Q: What do my registration fees pay for?
A: Registration fees cover a variety of costs, including, but not limited to field rentals/maintenance/lining, officials, team equipment, and coaching stipends for some of our coaches.

Q: Why does lacrosse cost so much compared to some of the other sports?
A: The entire program is funded through donations, fundraising and player fees as a 501(c)(3) not-for- profit organization. We try to do the best on donations and fundraising to keep the player fees as low as possible. However, the club pays for everything, including all the equipment (except for the player’s personal equipment), field maintenance, tournament fees, officials, and stipends for some of the coaches.

Q: How do I register my player?
A: There is a Registration Night and Parent Meeting in February at MacDonald Middle School. You can register and pay for your child there. In addition, use this Web site to register your player. Visit the Enroll section of our website to register your player.

Q: How many days each week will my player be involved in games or practice?
A: All grade level players (3-8 grade) will generally be participating in 2 games per week. There will be anywhere from 1-4 practices per week depending upon the grade levels and the coaches preference. Practice and local games (Lansing area) will be on weekday late afternoons or evenings and there will be some away games or festivals on weekends.

Q: Are there “cuts”?
A: There are NO TRYOUTS and NO CUTS. Everyone who participates in practices will play a “fair” amount in games. Due to the complexity of player rotation and variation of the different positions in the game of lacrosse, there isn’t an easy way to create exactly equal playing time for all the participants. Sometimes, the flow of the game requires that special teams (man-up or man-down) are in the game for extra time during a game. This could cause an inequality and there’s nothing that can be done to rectify it during that game. Please note that the definition of “fair” may include shorter time for players who didn’t participate in practices that week. Please trust that the coaches will be making their best efforts to provide fair playing time for every participant. It may be short for one game and long for another kuvaus.

Q. What if my child plays another sport during the lacrosse season?

A. There are many of our current players that are multi-sport and multi-activity individuals. It is very beneficial for children to play and participate in many activities to become well rounded and to meet a variety of people. As far as the scheduling of all the different types of events is up to you and your family.


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